Dog Strollers: A Do or a Don’t?

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​Everywhere you look today, there is one man or woman pushing a dog around in a stroller. Some decades ago, no one would have ever imagined that dogs would ride on strollers. In fact, it would have seemed unthinkable.

Sick dogs and doctors’ advice to give our pets rest have made strollers a common feature on our streets and parks in recent years. With such increasing acceptance, there are still a lot of people who are not comfortable seeing dogs in strollers.

​Thus, the question; Dog Strollers: a do or a don't?” We understand the benefits of strollers, especially if your dog is ill, aged, and unable to walk. Also, there are pretty small dogs that are prone to fatigue and will enjoy a stroller immensely.

However, the downsides of a stroller, especially for a healthy dog have also been highlighted by those who kick against its indiscriminate use. Issues such as lack of exercise and socialization, as well as laziness, have been buttressed.

With all of these concerns, should dog strollers continue to be used? My answer is yes. If they are used for the right reasons. There are several factors to consider.

Weak, Small Dogs

Small Dog

I have already mentioned briefly how strollers can be very useful for traveling with small dogs. They’re prone to fatigue and would suddenly just stop on the road when they get tired.

Dragging them with the leash is not a safe thing to do, neither is it convenient to pick them up and carry them for the rest of the trip. This is where strollers come in.

They will make your time out with your dog convenient for both of you.

Great for Recovery

​Dogs taken to the vet for treatment and those recuperating from one ailment or the other would also naturally require strollers.

Most dog owners usually stroll with their recuperating dogs to the park so that they can learn to walk again in the grass and not on concrete floors.

Even when they stumble and fall during this field walk, they rise up again without a hurt. This is good for their recovery.

Compulsory Cage Rest

​Have you ever been told by your vet doctor that your dog needs a cage rest? What this means is that if you need to take them out for a walk, you would need a stroller.

This could be as a result of weak joints that require rest to heal. This is often what we call “Doctor’s order” and we don't want to go against it. After all, the doctor knows what’s best for your dog.

Heard about Crate Training?

You should see a stroller as a good way to train your dogs on crates. In fact, some people call it a crate on wheels. This is a very healthy and exciting activity for your dogs.

This also ensures that your dog can be a part of your holidays and camps. It is a great way to have them in their own little, comfortable space while you go out.


For the many benefits that dog strollers offer, it is a clear “do” for your dogs. However, if your dog is healthy and able to walk around, this is a “don't” for your dog.

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