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If you’re serious about Best Puppy Food Brands, you need to know those Products Review, Comparison, and Quality.

If you’re a puppy lover, you’d understand that once you get a puppy, a particular kind of joy fills your heart.

Having a puppy is like starting a relationship, very similar to having a baby. Your puppy is your companion and you have to care for it by showing it love. Love involves caring for it, feeding it, and other list of things, you have to do it.

Puppy Food Tips

Although you are excited when having a puppy, the task of caring for it comes off as super tiring.
Feeding your puppy shouldn’t be that task as there are a variety of overwhelming puppy stores to choose.

To feed your puppy, get a plan from your veterinarian to create a diet plan and schedule for your adorable puppy. You will see the veterinarian. However, there are other diet tips you’ll require for your puppy feeding care.

Puppy Food Tips

Choose the Puppy Food Brand Wisely

Depending on the puppy breed, you will find a variety of puppy food to choose. However, not all of these foods are good. Before you buy any food, ensure it has passed through the AAFCO feeding trials. Passing through the AAFCO feeding trials mean that no defect or deficiency gets present in the diet.

A lot of dog foods are not tested on dogs first. There are just made from recipes and sent to pet stores. You don’t want your dear puppy to be a victim of this type of foods.

Therefore, research the food you’re buying, consult, and confirm with your veterinarian for approval before feeding it to your puppy.

Choose the Puppy Food Brand Wisely

Be Mindful of the Calories

Foods fed to puppies are meant to have more calories. They need this because they need to grow and to play energy.

The calories consumed for calories, aid to enhance organ development and growth. Hence, all food consumed by puppies should provide a reasonable amount of calories for this growth.

Puppy Size Matters

You would discover a variety of food based on the breed of the dog. A large breed dog would not take the same amount of food as the small breed dog. A small breed dog still falls in its metamorphosis stage, unlike the large breed dog.

Based on this, the nutrients they need, and the amount of calories that they would consume differs.

So Does the Size of the Puppy Food

Just like humans the size of the puppy food matters. You should make it a duty not to underfeed them and also not overfeed them. Depending on their preference or intake, you may give the puppy wet food.

A large breed and small breed would not feed the same and consume the same quantity of food. This variation happens most especially, because of their appetite. A small breed may take a small chunk of food. But a large breed would consume more.

Check the Puppy Food Ingredients

The ingredients in your puppy’s food (and how they are balanced) are vital to the development of your puppy. For instance, a puppy’s nervous system is dependent on the essential fatty acid DHA. Puppy diets should have a higher amount of this than foods meant for adult dogs to aid in the eye, ear and brain development of a growing puppy.

Studies have shown that puppies fed diets high in DHA have increased memory and trainability. These diet ingredients should result in breeding smarter and more trainable puppies.

Keep Your Puppy Trim & Healthy

The food you feed your puppy should not make it an obese dog. It also should not make it a super slim dog. Your dog should look healthy, fit and trim. Underweight dogs do not develop properly.

Overweight dogs are at risk of diseases like arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and exhaustion from heat. Also check in regularly with your veterinarian to ensure your dog(s) have the right fit.

Shop for Quality Food

Quality food would give your dog everything, majorly ingredients and nutrients, which they need to grow. Feeding your dog quality food would help your puppy develop to a young dog by providing it with the essential nutrients that it needs to improve.

Quality foods also have ingredients that would fortify your puppy and reduce the risks of obesity, high blood pressure, joints and heart disease, e.t.c.

Quality foods would also save you the stress of food poisoning which can lead to the death of your dog.

How Much Food Should I Feed My Puppy?

Your puppy needs a lot of food but not too much food. All they need involves adequate food. If you can see the ribs of your dog, then you’re doing all the wrong things. You’re holding a malnourished dog.

You should be able to feel the ribs not see them. Your dogs must also have a waistline. Despite, their breed, having a waistline, very important. If you can’t see the waistline of your dog, your dog is obese, and that doesn’t speak well.

There are guidelines for your dog food pack. Also, try to follow them attentively with the help of your veterinarian. If need be for diet adjustment your veterinarian, would let you know.

Watch For Early Signs of Illness

Dogs are living thing, just like humans. sadly dogs fall ill, just like humans do.

For serious illnesses, you must see your veterinarian. But for minor issues, you could treat them at home.

There are specific symptoms and signs with which, you’ll understand that danger holds. Therefore your dog may fall ill anytime soon or already is.

With this, you have to be able to interpret specific symptoms. If your dog gets diagnosed with the following symptoms: diarrhea, loss of appetite, loss of weight, flaky skin, swollen eyes, lethargy/ tiredness, allergy, frequent urination, vomiting, coughing, and sneezing, then you should visit your veterinarian.

Don’t depend on internet diagnosis. If the illness can get treated at home, your veterinarian would let you know and give you all the details you need on how to.

Wellness Dog Food Reviews

Any dog owner should know the wellness brand, as it falls as a famous brand. Also known for its premium quality products, to cater to all breeds of dogs. Wellness focuses on natural recipes to provide dogs of all breed a balanced diet. Their dietary requirements are functional, and their method gets tested before it gets pushed out into stores.

With a recipe which contains quality protein, vegetable, fruits and real meat, wellness products provide an excellent immune system for dogs, acts as antioxidants, boosts digestion, offers healthy skin.

The wellness brand also stays away from the ingredients that dogs do not need such as chemical artificial flavor and coloring, corn, wheat and the other dogs do not need foods.

High Fiber Dog Food

If dogs do not consume foods that are high in fiber, they suffer digestive and constipation problems. Hence they need food which contains highly rich soluble and insoluble fiber.

Any dog which does not have a quality diet rich in fiber stand the risks of suffering Diseases like diarrhea, low blood sugar, constipation, weak immune system, walking disabilities, and weight loss.

What Human Food can Puppies Eat?

There exist foods that can be consumed both by humans and dogs. You may want to show love to your dog, by feeding it when you’re eating. However not all food they should eat, only a few. Grilled meat, especially with all should not enter your dog’s mouth.

If you can’t ignore your dog while you eat, these are the only things you should feed them. They include bread, peanut butter and other organic food high in fiber.

Understanding Different Types of Baby Puppy Food

Your puppy is your baby. The same way a real baby desire a variety of dietary needs, so do puppies.

To keep a healthy puppy, you need to understand all the nutritional and dietary needs that your puppy requires to become a healthy dog. For proper growth, development of organs, a specific amount of nutrients need to be present in your puppy food. Avoid excess as excess nutrients also invoke its later deficiency on your dog.

Types of Puppy Food

Puppy food comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms. Puppy foods are essential for the development of dogs. They supply the nutritional needs for the growth of the puppies. However, they come in different ways. Remember that whatever you give your puppy should be balanced.

Puppy food contains high fats. Hence they are not advisable for adult dogs as adult dogs only require foods which gives them lean fats and muscles.

Dry Food

Dry dog food, also known as kibble foods, has their advantages. Dry menus are straightforward to manage and proportion. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can pick the one that your dog prefers.

Most kibbles get processed into food toys. Foods toys are stimulating for dogs.
Kibbles are seldom the most preferred by a lot of dog owners.

Semi-Moist Puppy Food

Semi-moist puppy food contains between sixty to sixty percent of water. Because of this, the foods weigh more and are more expensive based on calories than dry food. They contain sugar, salt, and preservatives, artificial flavor, and coloring. These additives are dangerous for dogs.

Semi-moist foods are convenient to serve but due to the calories and artificial ingredients, consult your veterinarian before serving.

Wet food

Wet food contains hundred percent water. Best when homemade and organic. Packaged and canned wet foods carry a lot of preservatives, artificial flavors, and coloring. Easy to serve. However, puppies only like watery foods such as milk. When giving your puppy wet foods, always consult with your veterinarian.

Raw food

Most puppies love raw foods. However, the problem with these foods involves bacteria. Before you serve your puppy fresh food especially meat, ensure the meat underwood serious cleaning before you serve. Raw fruits and vegetables like broccoli and blackberries are suitable for puppies.

Canned food

Canned food has a high moisture content. Thus, preservatives are on a high as well. Canned foods are not Organic. These canned foods contain a high percentage of artificial coloring and flavoring. Although they are high in calories, they contribute to diseases that are periodontal.

Canned goods also require careful preservation. Once, opened, you should transfer it to another and store it in a refrigerator.

Hypoallergenic dog food

If your dog gets allergies to a particular type of foods, you’ll find yourself stuck with the option of hypoallergenic dog food.

The hypersensitivity of your dog would profoundly influence your choice of hypoallergenic food. Always consult a veterinarian to help you with the picking process.

The Vet Recommended Puppy Food

Hill’s Science Diet, tops the list of highly recommended puppy food by veterinarians. Affordable, premium quality. This formula meets the nutritional standards of AAFCO since 1930. Made from organic products in the USA.

Home Prepared Puppy Food

Every puppy deserves the joy of a balanced diet. If you’re making your dog food at home, here are basic guidelines and proportions for food that it should contain.

Your homemade puppy food must include vitamins, protein, minerals, and carbohydrate. Addition of supplements should also get involved to supply the non-available nutrients.

However, before you start, consult a professional veterinarian nutritionist. This consultation would guide you to make the right puppy food until you’re expert enough to do it on your own.

Why are High Protein Foods Best for the Puppies?

High protein foods are good for dogs as it works as a building block. Based on the presence of amino acids in the protein, it repairs tissues and enhances muscle growth.

Dogs cannot create all of the amino acids they require. With this, they need supplements of amino acids from the diet they consume, to help them.

Primary foods like egg, lamb, fish, chicken, lamb, soybeans and turkey, are used to supply protein to dogs.

The Ingredients We Want for Puppy

The ingredients that we want for puppies include blackberries, pomegranate, raspberries, and blueberries.

These are right nutrients because they are rich in antioxidants, help to enhance the immune system, and speed up the healing process in dogs. Other nutrients include Omega 3/6 fatty acids which glow the skin of the dogs.

These things also help in the cognitive development of the puppies. Turmeric also helps with cardiovascular disease and joint diseases. The list is endless. However, these are the essential ingredients that puppies need.

Best Puppy Food for Large Breeds

Best Puppy Food for Large Breeds

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

As stated earlier, the wellness brand falls as the best brand of dog foods.
They are always finding ways to create and improve the recipe of foods to boosts the immune system of the dog.
Large breeds are very picky when choosing foods, dehydrated foods. Wellness finds a way to create a taste that large breed dogs would love.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food contains a formula, high in protein and fiber which enhances the development of the dog’s bones. With these, dogs have more fat and leaner muscles.

This food also contains glucosamine and Omega acid antioxidants which aid to fight against all harmful diseases and acts as an immune system booster. Every ingredient of this food provided balanced and quality nutrient that would meet your dog’s daily feeding requirements.

This puppy food provides quality and balanced ingredients that will sustain your pet’s everyday needs. Wellness CORE assures you that their dry food contains no artificial ingredients, free of grain and meat by-products, colors, flavorings and preservatives. Something that makes your dog thankful.


  • High quality. Pleasant taste which attracts dogs to eats.
  • Contains carrots and spinach which acts as antioxidants.
  • Contains apple which contains properties that aid gastrointestinal health and healthy joints.
  • Contains Broccoli which provides vitamin C and fiber.
  • Contain Omega 3 which acts as an antioxidant, enhances digestion and promotes healthy skin
  •  Contains health which provides, vitamins A, C, and K.


  • Very expensive, when compared to other foods of its kind.

Best puppy food for small breeds

Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Puppy

Widely known as the best food for the small breed, Wellness Small Breed Complete Health Puppy contains a twenty-eight percent minimum of protein, four percent of fiber, and eighteen percent of fat.

The main ingredients contained in this food include chicken fat which gets preserved with mixed tocopherols, deboned turkey, brown rice, salmon meal, chicken meal, ground barley, and oatmeal.

Wellness has specially created this food to cater to the nutritional needs of small breed puppies. Rich in vegetables, fruits, and antioxidants, this formula aids to enhance growth and boosts the immune system.

Best Puppy Food for Medium Breeds

Victor Dog Free Grain Food

This formula contains a thirty-three percent of crude protein, a fifteen percent of fat, three percent of crude fiber, 398 kcal/cup of calories and a nine percent content of moisture.

With a high calories content, this Victor Dog Free Grain Food Formula comes perfect for metabolism.

Victor Dog Free Grain Food Formula gets prepared from salmon and doesn’t contain grains. Medium breed dogs benefit from this formula because of its high in calories content. This formula got tested and came out as fit for the medium breed dogs.

Freed of allergies as it doesn’t contain food that dogs react badly.


  • Contains a hypoallergenic formula.
  • Tested and proven to fit for dogs nutritionally.
  • Does not contain grains
  • Made in the USA under guided rules.
  • Contains 33% protein and 15% fat, highly needed by medium breed dogs.


Best Grain Free Puppy Food

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Dry Formula Puppy

This formula contains a 36% of minimum Protein, 3792 kcal/kg, eighteen percent of  Fat, and a five percent maximum Fiber

The main ingredients listed in this formula includes potatoes, deboned chicken, chicken fat which gets preserved with a variety of tocopherols, chicken meal, peas turkey meal, and potato protein.

Wellness proudly makes their products in the USA and all their products are organic and of premium quality. Highly rich in protein, this formula aids in the development of the necessary muscles and tissues in dogs.

In this product, you won’t find grains, fillers, preservatives, artificial colors, meat by-products, or artificial flavor.

What is the Best Puppy Food?

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